Engineered wood flooring is a great alternative to solid wood flooring. Due to the fact that it’s comprised of several layers of wood stuck together instead of just single pieces, it’s stronger and more reliable in the long run than solid wood flooring.

One big problem people have with regular solid wood flooring is that its subject to shrink and get damaged from moisture getting deep down in the foundation of the flooring. Due to the durable design of engineered wood flooring, the chances of your floors being damaged from moisture drop drastically compared to solid wood flooring.

In order to meet the diverse needs of shoppers, we offer a wide variety of engineered wood flooring in different shades from white to dark black engineered wood flooring. We also offer either finished or unfinished products. You can choose from rustic, family, nature or select grade for you engineered flooring.

Features of Engineered Hardwood Floors:    

• Solid wood feeling      
• Cost effective and affordable 

 • Finished with UV lacquered, oiled and UV oiled, Wear and fire resistant 

• Various thickness of top veneer    

 • A variety of species for your choose     

Holds up better in humid areas than solid hardwood   

• Formaldehyde releasing meets E1 Environmental Protection Standard  

• Floating installation without glue or nails    

• Intercrossing structure of three natural wood layers provides a durable and comfortable look and feel     

 Its layered construction makes it more dimensionally stable than solid wood